PDF Compression

IronPDF offers the capability to compress PDFs effectively. One of the key methods involves reducing the size of images embedded within the PDF document. This optimization process can be initiated by using the compressSize method on the PDF object.

When it comes to resizing JPEG images, the quality setting plays a crucial role. A quality setting of 100% results in minimal loss, while 1% represents very low-quality output. Typically, image quality levels of 90% and above are considered high-quality, 80%-90% falls into the medium-quality range, and 70%-80% is considered low-quality. Reducing the quality below 70% can lead to lower-quality images, but it can significantly reduce the overall file size of the PDF document.

It's recommended to experiment with different quality settings to find the right balance between image quality and file size that suits your specific requirements. The extent of quality reduction will ultimately depend on the type of input image, and some images may experience more noticeable reductions in clarity than others.