HTML Rendering Settings

Many rendering options can be configured when rendering from HTML strings, files, or web URLs. The settings shown above include custom paper size with configurable measurement units, enabling HTML background, page orientation, document title, delaying the rendering process, specifying the CSS media type, selecting the paper mode, creating editable form fields, customizing margins, and adding page numbers.

The CSS media types "screen" and "print" are directives used to specify how styles should be applied to HTML documents based on the medium of display or output. When "screen" is chosen as the media type, it indicates that CSS rules are intended for on-screen viewing, optimizing factors like colors and layouts for digital screens. Conversely, when "print" is selected, it instructs the browser to apply styles tailored for printed documents, ensuring readability and proper formatting when the HTML content is printed on physical media. Sometimes, it is necessary to set the CSS media type to "screen" to display certain background images.

The delay in the rendering process primarily provides sufficient time for JavaScript or fonts to load.