URL to a PDF

IronPDF makes it very easy and convenient to render HTML from a variety of sources. This code example shows how to convert web pages on local networks and on external web servers using the PdfDocument.renderUrlAsPdf method.

PdfDocument.renderUrlAsPdf accepts a String containing an absolute (fully formed) URL to a web page. IronPDF will retrieve the HTML content returned from an HTTP request for the URL and faithfully transform it into its PDF version.  Developers can supply login credentials (username and password) that renderUrlAsPdf can use for this HTTP request by including an ChromeHttpLoginCredentials object as an optional, second parameter. This is useful for accessing web pages locked within a password-protected website directory. Refer to the API Reference for more information about the ChromeHttpLoginCredentials class.

Also, see the ChromePdfRenderOptions API Reference page for details on how to customize the look and feel of PDF documents midway through their conversion from HTML web pages.