Extract Images from PDF

As part of IronPDF's extensive collection of PDF creation and editing functions, IronPDf also facilitates granular processing of a PDF document's content through its content extraction methods.

The extractAllImages returns a collection of all the images embedded in a PDF document, each formatted as a BufferedImage object.

The most common business use case is to save PDF images in separate files. The featured code example above demonstrates a method to achieve this using the extractAllImages method along with the Java ImageIO class.

IronPDF can also pull images from PDFs in their raw byte form. For this, use the extractAllRawImages method instead.

It is also possible to extract images from a subset of PDF pages (as opposed to the entire document). The brief code snippet below uses the extractAllImagesFromPages method to pull the images from pages 3 and 7 of a sample document.

PdfDocument document = PdfDocument.fromFile(Paths.get("sample.pdf"));  
List<BufferedImage> pageRangeImages = document.extractAllImagesFromPages(PageSelection.pageRange(4, 8);