Render JavaScript in .NET "HTML to PDF" Generation

IronPDF has good support for JavaScript using the Chromium rendering engine.

You may have to add a delay to a page render to allow javascript time to execute.

Renderer.PrintOptions.EnableJavaScript = true;

Renderer.PrintOptions.RenderDelay = 500; //milliseconds
Renderer.PrintOptions.EnableJavaScript = True

Renderer.PrintOptions.RenderDelay = 500 'milliseconds
VB   C#

Full PDF Print Options including Render Delay


Some very complex javascript frameworks may not always work in Iron PDF, mostly due to limited allocation of memory for javascript execution.

For Charting and imaging, many users have found D3.js is a good fit with IronPDF.

Angular JS HTML to PDF

Angular should be used with care. It is better to rely on Angular's non-javascript (server side) rendering options for full compatibility.