Can I Run Html to PDF on Azure?

Yes. IronPDF can use used to generate, manipulate and read PDF documents on Azure.

IronPDF has been thoroughly tested on multiple platforms Azure platforms including MVC websites, Azure Functions and many more.


We have found that IronPDF for Core and for Framework both work on Azure. .NET Core seems to have a small performance advantage.


Html to PDF is significant ‘work’ for any computer: similar to opening and rendering a web page on your own machine. A real browser engine is used, hence the use of CPU is not negligible.

Azure free tiers are generally not suitable for performance testing and may present with issues or long waits.

We generally find that Azure B1 hosting levels are very suitable for our end users' rendering needs. If there are creating a high throughput system this may need to be upgraded.

SVG fonts

One limitation we have found is that the Azure hosting platform does not support servers loading SVG fonts such as Google Fonts in their cheaper shared web-app tiers.

Azure's VPS and Web Role are not sandboxed in the same way and will support web font rendering.