Install IronPDF and Deploy the PDF C# Library

The easiest way to install IronPdf is using NuGet Package Manager for Visual-Studio: The package name is “IronPdf”.

PM > Install-Package IronPdf

Installation Paths

IronPDF is a .Net Framework and .Net Core package. To render HTML as a PDF it must embed and deploy the safe web browser Chromium - developed in C++. There is no need to install any other programs or set your application to 32 or 64 Bit. The process is entirely automated.

In case IronPDF's HTML to PDF throws an failed rendering exception (very unlikely), you may need to guide IronPDF to an appropriate location to unpack the native browser binaries. The Temp folder is normally ideal. Program Files is never an appropriate location unfortunately.

IronPdf.Installation.TempFolderPath = @"C:\My\Safe\Path";
IronPdf.Installation.TempFolderPath = "C:\My\Safe\Path"
VB   C#

Note: After updating a path always remember to clear all temp and cache folders on your development and servers. Redeploy a CLEAN version of your application.

Permissions and IIS

You may also need to give the IIS user (IUSER) read and write permissions to your Installation Path Folder AND to your Windows and Temp Folder if the server has been locked down.

Microsoft Visual C++

IronPDF requires Microsoft Visual C++ for generating PDF documents from HTML and also for rendering images from PDF documents.

This should be installed on the target server packed with your installer.

.Net Framework can run as 32 bit even on 64 bit platforms, so it is necessary to install Visual C++ in both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Download links can be found on this webpage:

Docker and Linux support

IronPDF for .Net Core supports Linux and Docker. For further deployment advice please see our IronPDF Linux and Docker Guide