Loading and Saving PDFs from Memory (MemoryStream) in .NET

In IronPDF, we can load create and export PDF documents in C#/.Net without using the file system.

A common way to do this is using a MemoryStream object from the System.IO namespace.

Loading a PDF from Memory

A new instance of IronPdf.PdfDocument and be initialized any of there in memory objects:

  • A MemorySteam
  • A FileSteam
  • Binary Data as a Byte array (byte[])

This loads a PDF from Memory

Saving a PDF to Memory

An IronPdf.PdfDocument can be saved directly to memory in one of 2 ways:

  • IronPdf.PdfDocument.Stream exports the PDF as a System.IO.MemoryStream
  • IronPdf.PdfDocument.BinaryData exports the PDF as a Byte Array (byte[])

Serving PDFs to the web from memory in ASP.Net or MVC

Please visit the Saving & Exporting PDF Documents FAQ to lean how to serve PDF documents from memory in C# and VB.Net