IronPDF v2022.11.10347

Version 2022.11.10341 Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Adds: Radio button form elements, generated from html 'input' elements with a 'type' attribute of 'radio'
  • Adds: RTF-to-PDF - see RenderRtfStringAsPdf() for more information
  • Adds: Additional ways to replace text - See ReplaceTextOnPages() and ReplaceTextOnAllPages()
  • Fixes: Text headers and footers not being visible
  • Fixes: Error when merging documents with certain bookmark configurations
  • Fixes: Error when calling ApplyWatermark()
  • Fixes: Form fields sometimes not being editable after merging
  • Fixes: Form generation for html elements with styles marked '!important'
  • Fixes: Some TIFF images not loading when using ImageToPdf()
  • Updates: ToMultiPageTiffImage() to only generate a single image file
  • Updates: NuGet package layout to improve deployment on all platforms
  • Updates: logic for applying margins to headers and footers (now only applying left and right margins by default)

Now supports installation of IronPdf via zip file or installer executable (see